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“Dr. Marvin Heuer brings over 30 years of dedicated professional experience in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries to be positioned as the ultimate authority in your proceedings.”

What is an Expert Witness?

An Expert Witness is a fact-oriented individual who can offer testimony based on firsthand knowledge. Usually based on their professional backgrounds, Expert Witnesses have a personal understanding and expertise on the concepts about which they testify. During litigation when the stakes are high, the testimony of an Expert Witness is often a vital part of the legal strategy—especially when quantifying damages. Due to this vital role they play, it is imperative that the selection process used to pick an Expert Witness identifies the best suited individual for the case.

When is an Expert Witness Needed?

An Expert Witness will typically be summoned for the following reasons:

  • The foundational issues or facts of the case are not clear
  • The jury requires facts to reach a conclusion that is not easily attained
  • The judge is not well-versed in the relevant concepts of the case

Expert Witnesses can play a wide variety of roles based on the particular needs of the case, and the specific objective for the expert testimony needs to be made clear. Expert witnesses can be utilized on the forefront of litigation via testimonies and/or utilized in a more discrete role by assisting in building the fact basis needed to effectively try or defend a case.

Top Level Discipline: Dietary Supplements

The Dietary Supplement and Pharmaceutical sectors are multi-faceted industries due to their unique natures and utilizations for a variety of reasons. Our Expert Consulting services can offer valuable information specific to litigation involving nutrition, nutrition and management consulting, food science, toxicology, pharmacology, neurological sciences, animal nutrition, animal sciences and other associated disciplines, as any of the above may be the particular focus of the court case related to the use of dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements are required to be manufactured through specified research and development methods based on practiced regulatory procedures, and failing to adhere to these procedures during any part of the manufacturing process can potentially lead to safety issues for the consumer. Similar to that of pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements more often than not become the subject of litigation due to regulatory, marketing and/or label compliance violations.

Dr. Marvin Heuer is a certified expert in FDA regulations and chemistry. Moreover, he possesses an extensive background in international and domestic clinical research, as well as pharmaceutical and nutraceutical development. With his extensive experience and interaction with the FDA, FTC and ERSP in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, Dr. Heuer offers the skill and proficiency necessary to support any of your specific litigation needs.

Related Disciplines:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Label Compliance
  • Marketing Compliance
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Product Liability
  • Toxicology

There is a variety of reasons why participating in a clinical trial could be right for you. With the wide range of medical needs, body types and temperaments out there, these reasons inevitably vary depending on the individual.

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Led by an internationally accomplished medical research physician, our study center is dedicated to the advancement of medical knowledge for current and future medical treatments.

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